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An opinion piece from Bart on, the news website of the national Flemish public broadcaster VRT.

Every company claims to be customer-centric. And you have to take their word for it. But we’d rather believe their customers. They acknowledge if a company is customer-centric or not...

The UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League are two of the biggest events in the world of sport and HTC’s association with both events provides extremely exciting opportunities. As official UEFA partner HTC looks back on a great Belgian campaign...

During February and March, VMware organized its own 11-Stedentocht in the Benelux. Together with several partners they introduced VMware Horizon using best practices.

Or do you feel more like an Aspiring Hoarder? Inspector Gadget or an Office Hipster? Seagate identifies consumer segmentation as a great tool for Sales and Marketing...

Donderdag 12 maart. Een dag waar velen onder ons vol nieuwsgierigheid, spanning (en een beetje angst) naar uitkeken. Want waar we ons precies aan zouden wagen tijdens onze langverwachte teambuilding was tot de dag zelf een goedbewaard geheim.

Team Whizpr assisted Remeha during their press conference during Batibouw, the biggest construction fair in Belgium.

That is what Projects by Somfy claimed at the Intirio trade fair in February.. For us the perfect reason to create a cool decibel comparison chart.

Last week, the news website of the national Flemish broadcaster VRT, published an overview of the most popular articles in 2014 according to their readers.

Smartwhat? Wearable technology is hot. Geeks around the globe are excited to get their hands on the newest, coolest, sexiest gadgets to brag about them to their ignorant not-so-geek friends. Oh! How do we love to see the curious looks on people’s faces when we demonstrate them in our favorite pub. But let’s face it. Nobody likes a show-off don’t we?