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Smartwhat? Wearable technology is hot. Geeks around the globe are excited to get their hands on the newest, coolest, sexiest gadgets to brag about them to their ignorant not-so-geek friends. Oh! How do we love to see the curious looks on people’s faces when we demonstrate them in our favorite pub. But let’s face it. Nobody likes a show-off don’t we?

VMware Horizon View 6 is changing the way organizations manage their virtual environments. For the better. Anyway, that's what we heard from these organizations during their video interviews.

Through radio spots and an online bannering campaign, Exact Belgium - main sponsor of Music for Life 2014 - managed to convince entrepreneurs to take a 30 days free trial on Exact Online.

No Wires, No Worries!
Ever thought about how useful a wireless harddrive can be during your lengthy explorations around the globe? Store your photo’s and watch your movies on the go. Yes, it’s time for passionate travellers to open their eyes...

The first Comparex Christmas fair was a success!

The Check Point Winter Market will dive into the history books as the most flashy event of the Security and IT world.

MediaGeniX organized its yearly User Advisory Board.

Bert Verbeke (commissioned by KMO/PME magazine) was offered the possibility to thoroughly discuss the topic of energy shortage and the consequences for SMB’s. 

Disoriented colleagues stumbling in and out of elevators, trying not to admit that they actually have got lost. Others getting flung back and forth, up and down as they discover the magic world of new office chairs. People already trying to tame the coffee machines…

In October, Toyota’s i-Road personal mobility vehicle has made its European motor show debut in Paris.