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At Comsquad, Out of the Crowd and Whizpr (COW), we value our team spirit. Throughout the year, we organize several weekend and evening team activities (remember our colorful Ekiden team?). The climax each year, however, is our X-Mas team day.

Brekky & Baby Picture COW-test

We started the day at our office in Kobbegem. Getting to know each other better is one of the aims of a teambuilding day. With our first activity of the day, however, we wanted to see how well we (think we) know each other. The assignment: identify your colleagues on the baby pictures! The winners… well, let’s just say we all …uhm... lost. Most of us were more than happy if we had correctly distinguished the boys from the girls. But we had some good laughs, which is what counts!

During the baby picture COW-test, we also enjoyed a breakfast with croissants and coffee, to make sure that we had enough energy for the first half of the day. Because at 10 a.m., it was…


… time for some action! Paintball... Need we say more? We won’t give away who complained the most about the “pain” caused by the “bullets” (hint: girlpower!) or about who won (actually, we’re not quite sure, since you can’t really see a thing with those misty protection glasses on your face). But we did hear a lot of screaming and laughing, we counted some bruises afterwards (who doesn’t like souvenirs?) and we went back to the office hungry and perhaps a tiny bit tired. Luckily, our organizing team predicted something like this, and organized a fitting afternoon activity.

Tastebud COWtest

After a well-deserved lunch at the office and exchanging some X-Mas presents, we welcomed two quizmasters for… a food quiz! Tasting tapenades, smelling spices, identifying fish, recognizing the fruits in juices, digging up knowledge about chocolate, solving riddles about potatoes, sabayon and cheese... Our taste buds were challenged - as were the waistbands of our trousers. The verdict at the end of the afternoon: the Girlpower!-team won over The Boys with one point. (The chocolate round may have had something to do with this.)

BXL X-Mas Fair

Those of us who were not yet knocked out after all the food, physical activity and mental exertion, carpooled to Brussels to round off the day with some more food (pizzas and pastas), a stroll around the X-Mas Fair and a final drink in one of the cafés at the Sint Goriks square.

Conclusion: we do not really need a team building since we already are a great team! But we definitely do not say no to a fun-filled day! We’re looking forward to a great 2017 with a team like this!

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