integrated communications


Printing and imaging solutions provider Epson is quietly paving the way for a new era of printing. Their huge R & D investments have always generated exciting new products, but their latest generation of printers has really wowed us all.

How can we tell that Infosecurity is approaching? When a film crew arrives in our office, followed by a string of excellent speakers, who take turn in voicing their opinion on security-related topics.

People-centricity. It's one of the values Computacenter cherishes. So when asked to boost both the external communications and the internal team spirit, we combined both challenges in a fun activity: a company photoshoot.

It’s quite a stunning observation that 72% of all people consider their photos and videos as their most valuable digital assets. And many of these images are stored on Facebook. In fact, Facebook can be considered one of the most popular photo albums around worldwide.

VMware has waved 2015 goodbye with a billboard campaign in The Netherlands. A small brand awareness campaign that says thanks to all users for the trust they have in VMware solutions. We’re wondering what 2016 will bring…are you ready ?

We don’t often discuss our customer’s products, services or initiatives. But every once in a while something comes across that we get so excited about that we cannot help ourselves.

What goodbye present do you plan for a valued colleague who spends his last day at the office before leaving the company? You check out his hobbies and passions, and try to find an appropriate gift.

With the Belgian Week of Mobility behind, it may also be a good idea to look at solving that mobility monster: Belgian traffic!

What do you do when all is lost and you don’t know who to turn to? TV viewers from the 80’s know the answer to that one: you call the A-team. This team of invincible men took on those jobs that everybody else refused, because they seemed impossible. And they always succeeded.