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Thursday, the 16th of February, our customers Remeha and Nanopixel, present the attending press a glimpse of the construction industry's future. Eager to read what they had to say?


Remeha organized a roundtable with experts of the heating industry, an installer and an architect to discuss the challenges and obstacles they may encounter in the future. Some of the questions addressed during the discussion? How will their role within the building process evolve? What will the house of 2025 look like? What is the impact of the "betonstop" (concrete stop) on their job?



Nanopixel had a slightly different strategy. The Belgian VR pioneers collaborated with Ventilation specialist Renson to make the biggest exhibition stand of Batibouw 2017, that is to say: virtually. Together they created the Renson Experience Box, a virtual showroom which allows them to bring their complete catalogue of products to showroom or exhibitions like Batibouw. It also gives them the opportunity to give a virtual example of what their products would look like when installed at the house of the client. An innovative way to combine virtual reality technology with the construction industry.


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