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The Remeha Family Day @Plopsaland De Panne started with a private VIP press tour behind the scenes. Now we know what it feels like to walk underneath Plopsaqua, how impressive the machinery and heating techniques are and last but not least … now we know that there are little doors hidden between rollercoasters and restaurants and more importantly where they lead to ;-).

Plopsaland De Panne got a little bit warmer on Saturday May 20. Even though we got a rain shower from time to time ;-). No less than 4.000 Remeha installers and 4.000 end users joined the yearly Remeha Family Day! And there’s a reason why Remeha chose Plopsa to organize this event. For over 4 years, Remeha has been keeping all Plopsa family parks warm, both indoors and outdoors, providing both heating and warm water.

For us, this is the ideal moment to invite press to come and peek behind the scenes! 

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